Carry A Nation Program

A lecture in celebration of Carry A. Nation, temperance crusader by Dr. Jay Price, professor of history at W.S.U.

The lecture is in association with his Saturday’s 10am dedication of a life sized statue of Nation which commemorate Nation’s violent assault on the drinking establishment which was located in what is now the Eaton Hotel.

Sunday, March 25th 2:00 p.m. at the Historical Museum’s DeVore Auditorium

Free admission for this event


“Smashing into the history books: the complicated story of Carry Nation and Wichita.” by Dr. Jay Price

Carry Nation is Wichita’s most famous non-resident.  Her main connections take place during a few short weeks in 1900 and 1901 but since then, she has been a part of our community story ever since.  Since her famous smashing incident however, Wichita has had a love/hate relationship with this icon of the temperance movement, a relationship that continues to the present day.

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