The Spirit of WICHITA: The Magic City
Experiential Time Travel

90 minute privately-guided tours are now offered at the Museum to enhance your Wichita experience.

  • 20 person maximum $15 per person / $150 minimum charge
  • Tours are available weekdays with start times scheduled between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. and weekends from noon to 3:00 p.m. (Other times available for an additional cost.)
  • For scheduling and information contact: or call 316-265-9314

hm-tour-montageTHE CITY. Wichita, in Sedgwick County Kansas, is the State’s largest city and now home to a half-million people. Those unfamiliar with the place may regard it as the Nation’s hinterland (if at all), but once introduced have a vastly different impression. Picture the United States’ 50th largest city, hundreds of miles away from others of comparable size in the very center of America. There is Omaha, a 5 hour drive north, Kansas City 3 hours east, Oklahoma City 3 hours south, and Denver 8 hours away to the west. This geographically challenged metropolis has not only survived, but thrived since its founding nearly 150 years ago.

THE MUSEUM. Wichitans have long known they were making amazing history and set to work preserving it through this Museum almost 80 years ago. In 1980 the Museum relocated to the original City Hall building (built in 1890) where are dozens of exhibits built from the Museum’s collection of over 100,000 artifacts. Here is where this experiential tour happens, led by experienced docents who encapsulate the local story and ad emphasis with seldom seen artifacts from the Museum’s study collection. THE

EXPERIENCE. On “the Spirit of Wichita – the Magic City” experiential tour, you will encounter the spirit that propelled a unique place and its people to create magic and shape the future of the world. Discover the pioneer spirit beginning with the city’s founders, the entrepreneurial spirit of business leaders through the years and the spirit of innovation that drives the city today. This experience takes you from the post-Civil War settlement of a prairie wilderness 15 years forward to the fastest growing city in the U.S. quickly followed by the dawn of aviation, the modern age, oil wealth, a new era of entertainment, war, civil rights, fast-food and into the future. See special artifacts from the Museum’s collection and archives not generally on display to the public. End your experience in the 1920s Drug Store’s soda fountain with treats served by a soda jerk.