Final Friday – “Furnishing the Atomic Era” closing event

SPECIAL EXHIBIT CLOSES: “Furnishing the Atomic Era”

This Final Friday event is free and open to the public

The “Atomic Era” brought many changes to the lives of average Wichitans. The postwar economy brought higher middle class incomes, leisure time, disintegrating social boundaries, opportunities to travel, and a wider awareness of world cultures as well as unimaginable advances in technology. All of this was reflected in the furnishings of our home environments. The phenomenal changes since can be seen through a wide range of artifacts, both on loan and from the Museum’s permanent collection. Included in the exhibit are furniture designs by Laverne, Eames, and Haywood-Wakefield.

The beginning of the Atomic Age is marked by the development of the Atomic Bomb which brought World War II to an abrupt end in 1945. Since then technology has propelled us to a new era to which we are attempting to adapt. Wichita, known as the Air Capital and Center City USA, is uniquely representative of this era.

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