New Core Exhibits Opened

“Of the People, by the People, for the People” an exhibit about civics and government & “Wichita’s Mayor’s Office of 1892” a recreation of Mayor John Carey’s 1892 office in its original room in old city hall (which has served as home to the Historical Museum since 1980).


The role of government is the focus of new exhibits at the Historical Museum.

Federal-Government-Panel-01Using the original City Hall building construction date of 1890 as a springboard, the Civics & Government Exhibit examines our government at federal, state, county, and local levels. The theme of self-governance with a focus on local issues features artifacts ranging from a Waco Township ballot box of the 1880s to a dashiki shirt worn by civil rights leader Chester I. Lewis in the late 1960s. This exhibit was funded with a special grant by the Sedgwick County Board of Commissioners.

Mayor's Office

Mayor’s Office

Adjoining is the immersive exhibit of the City Hall’s first Mayor’s Office in its original room. The space is interpreted as it appeared when first occupied in 1892 by John Carey, the ninth individual to serve as Mayor of Wichita. The exhibit includes recreated window signage visible from Main Street. An exhaustive effort researching newspapers, photographs, reports, and other records was made to accurately portray the space. This exhibit was made possible through the generosity of private donors.

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