Peace Treaty of the Little Arkansas Exhibit

The Peace Treaty Exhibit will also include the presentation of the award winning exhibit from District Five, National History Day Competition – on the same subject by Bishop Carroll High School student Wayland Tracy.

The treaty exhibit is designed as part of the Museum’s Kansas Sesquicentennial programming. The exhibit will feature a high quality reproduction of the Treaty from the National Archives, an artistic depiction of the Treaty signing recently commissioned by Fidelity Bank and a video of the treaty site today.

Thousands camped along the Little Arkansas River about five miles north of the present city of Wichita in October of 1865 for the negotiation and signing of the Treaty of the Little Arkansas. This treaty predated the Medicine Lodge Treaty by two years. Of the hundreds of treaties signed in U.S. history, none were ultimately honored.

Today the original treaty document resides at the National Archives in Washington D.C. The exhibit quality copy provided by the National Archives and exhibited here has been reproduced in its actual size. The original treaty was last exhibited in Kansas during the state’s centennial, celebrated in 1961.


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