Picture This, Wichita, the Photograph and the Artistry of Dick Azim (2009 exhibit)

Photography predates the city of Wichita by a quarter century. Consequently, from its beginning, Wichita has been well documented through many photographs. In photographs we see infinite detail of our history through the camera’s lens. Photography’s many applications were conceived of before its invention in fields such as science, fine art, documentation, and portraiture. The Museum’s collection contains over 16,000 photographs of local significance.

The art and techniques of photography evolved rapidly through its first one hundred years. By the mid-twentieth century, the medium of photography had become an indispensable industry engaging every aspect of American life. In Wichita, Dick Azim (1922-2007) was a major practitioner engaged in every aspect of the contemporary medium. Through his photographs we see the way Wichita wanted to be seen.

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