Art Stars 2-D (2) Art Stars 2-D (1)Wichita Arts Stars in Fabulous 2-D (2011 exhibit)

Since the late 19th century, our community has produced fine artists of extraordinary ability and renowned. This small exhibit represents eight such artists who called Wichita home. In addition to Sedgwick County roots, another commonality of the artwork here is that it was created on two-dimensional (2-D) flat surfaces using illusion to represent the form of three dimensional (3-D) objects. Each work differs in the use of medium – chalk, crayon, ink, pencil, paints, or mechanical print making technique. People and places are celebrated, studied, and often most remembered for the art they have produced.

Wichita Art Stars in Fabulous 2-D – This exhibit continued the Museum’s third year of focus on our local visual arts heritage and presents a portion of the pantheon of remarkable visual artists hailing from our area through the years. In addition to exploring some of our areas most famous artists (Seward, Bernard, Wassall, Capps, McGrew, Noble, Davison and Moore), the show examines many mediums (aquatint, pastel, woodcut, gouache, oil paint, watercolor, and graphite). Works on exhibit are both loaned and from the Museums’ Collection; some have never been exhibited publically before. The Exhibit engaged seasoned art lovers as well as the casual visitor.