Wichita Books and Authors

Featuring Books exemplifying Wichita and Sedgwick County’s fine literary history. The books in this exhibit are significant for their connection to Wichita, in subject, author and sometimes both. Most have been published commercially through major publishing houses but are currently out of print. Though out of print, most can be attained readily through used book sellers.

Gaylord Dold (1948 – ), The Wichita Mysteries (1996),

A collection of pulp classics based on fictional Wichita Detective, Mitch Roberts

Other books by Dold include:

Penny for an Old Guy

Last Man in Berlin

Albert Goldbarth (1948 – ), Saving Lives (2001)


Other books by Goldbarth include:

To Be Read In Five Hundred Years

Kitchen Sink: New and Selected Poems 1972-2007

Author: Charles A. Goodrum (20th C.), I’ll Trade You an Elk (1967)

An account of the founding of the Wichita Zoo

Published articles for the Atlantic Monthly and The New Yorker

Antonya Nelson (1961 – ), In the Land of Men (1992)


Other books by Nelson include:

Nobody’s Girl

Talking in Bed

Debra Seely (1959 – ), Grasslands (2002)

Historic Fiction by Wichita Author

Also by Seely:

The Last of the Roundup Boys

James R. Mead (1836-1910), Hunting and Trading on the Great Plains 1859-1875 (1986)

Memoir of Wichita’s Founding Father

Craig Miner (1946 – 2010), Wichita: the Early Years 1865-80 (1982)

History of Early Wichita

Other books by Miner include:

West of Wichita: Settling of the High Plains of Kansas

Kansas, History of the Sunflower State 1854-2000

Barry Paris (1948 – ), Louise Brooks (1989)

Biography of a Wichita born Silent Film Celebrity

Other books by Paris include:


Tony Curtis: The Autobiography

Irving Stone (1903-1989), The Passionate Journey (1949)

Biography of Wichita Artist, John Noble

Other books by Stone include:

The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo

Lust for Life

Rea Woodman (1870-1951), Wichitana 1877-1897 (1948)

Memoir of Childhood in Early Wichita

Other books by Woodman include:


“Mr. McGugin Alone”

Blossom E. Randall, Fun for Chris (1956)

Children’s book emphasizing interracial interaction during a time of racial segregation

(Brown vs.B.O.E. – 1954, Dockum Sit-in – 1958, Civil Rights Act – 1964)